SmartRoller™ / Roller Shelf / Roller Shelves

SmartROLLER™ / Roller Shelf / Roller Shelves

SmartROLLER™ is a Shelf Roller / Roller Shelves system that can be installed on the shelves directly. Its unique and easy-to-use design that employs gravity feed to pull products to the shelf front automatically. Good for heavy and fast selling products, such as cans and dairy products etc. This helps to improve back feeding systems as well as labour saving.

SmartROLLER™ system can be equipped with accessories such as dividers and acrylic front. Shelves can be hinged horizontally or with an angle unit. The acrylic front and dividers height dimensions are depending on size and height of product.

Dividers Comparison

Wire Divider Aluminium / Steel Divider
No tooling cost for custom-length in 50mm Height Tooling cost is at least USD1,000 per dimension
Shorter Lead Time Longer Lead Time
Lighter and good for ligher products Stronger for heavier products

Features & Benefits


SmartROLLER™ creates values across wide range of categories.


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